Stage Plan

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Experience can be entirely self-contained. We own all our equipment, which is suitable for small to mid-sized venues with audiences of about 350 people. For larger venues, we either rent the equipment, which will be charged to the venue at cost, or we could use the in-house PA and lighting system, if available.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Experience Stage Plan

Our standard setup, using all our own equipment. We need about 2 hours for setup, including a soundcheck. The breakdown takes about an hour.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Experience Stage Plan for Festivals

Our typical setup for festivals and venues with a house PA. We need about 10 - 30 minutes for setup. The breakdown takes about 5 - 10 minutes.

Technical Specifications

Our equipment consists of the following:

  • Bass Amplifier (Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II)
  • Bass Cabinets (Gallien Krueger Neo212 and 115RBH)
  • Bass Effects (various)
  • Guitar Amplifier (Vox)
  • Guitar Effects (various)
  • Drum Kit
  • PA System:
    • 16 Channel Digital Mixing Desk (Behringer Xenyx X2442USB)
    • Two Active PA Speakers (Mackie SRM450)
    • Kickback Monitor (Studiomaster PAX12+)
    • In-ear Monitors (Shure PSM300)
    • Speaker Stands
  • Microphones:
    • Lead Vocals Microphone (Sennheiser Evolution E 935 / Shure SM58)
    • Backing Vocals Microphone (Shure SM58)
    • Instrument microphones (Shure SM57)
    • Kick Drum Microphone (SubZero SZD-50)
    • Hercules Microphone Stands
  • Stage Lighting:
    • 2 Wash Lighting Systems (4 spotlights each) (Chauvet 4BAR LT USB)
    • 4 Tri PAR Spotlights (American DJ Mega TriPAR Profile PLUS)
    • Stands
  • Extension Leads, Power Leads, Instrument and Microphone Cables, etc.

Default Mixer Configuration

Channel Instrument Microphone / DI
1. Lead Vocals Shure SM58
2. Backing Vocals Shure SM58
3. Guitars Shure SM57
4. Bass Active DI
5. (Not Used)  
6. Overhead Drums Left Shure SM57
7. Overhead Drums Right Shure SM57
8. Kick Drum SubZero SZD-50
9/10. (Not Used)  
11/12. (Not Used)  
13/14. (Not Used)  
15/16. DJ Mixer / iPhone / Music Active DI

Matty "Kiedis" Smith ‐ Lead Vocals
Jordan "John" Hallett ‐ Guitars and Backing Vocals
Werner "Flea" de Jong ‐ Bass
Richard "Chad" Nash ‐ Drums


Warwickshire ‐ Oxfordshire ‐ Berkshire ‐ Surrey
United Kingdom